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For all skin types. 5* therapy for your skin. Our skilled team of therapists will provide you with a prescriptive treatment designed especially for your skin. Regardless of your skin type, age or concerns, this facial will specifically cater to your skin’s needs. Includes a highly relaxing lymphatic drainage massage, together with a warm pinda scalp massage, leaving your skin fresh, clear and radiant.

£60 – 1 hour 30 mins


A cosmetic alternative to microdermabrasion. This treatment will renew the superficial micro-layer of the skin, transforming its appearance in a rapid and lasting way. Excellent for skin which looks dull and tired, and for treating imperfections, this facial is wonderful for problematic skin and for those who may be sensitive to a microdermabrasion machine. An effective skin-brightening treatment combining relaxation with results.

£70 – 1 hour 30 mins


Preventative facial for the first signs of ageing. A superb anti-ageing treatment which uses a complex of active proteins and oxygen to rejuvenate inter-cellular activity, increasing the skin’s firmness and elasticity. A key ingredient, ‘Life-Cytogen’ allows the skin to recover optimum levels of oxygen by providing real stores of molecular oxygen encapsulated in innovative ceramides which penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, leaving it detoxified and radiant. A truly superb treatment with very real visible results. Includes our advanced facial massage,

£75 – 1 hour 45 mins


The C+ Facial is loaded with pure Vitamin C, a highly effective ingredient for intensely repairing and revitalising the skin. It provides immediate results by aiding skin regeneration, boosting collagen levels and optimising hydration. Ideal for skin in need of a general boost, for predigital manipulation: Ole Bunger www.pixoleb.com and post – holiday as the seasons change, and for skin that is showing visible signs of stress from diet and lifestyle. Our C+ Vitamin A.G.E. Boost Facial is the world’s first Anti-Glycation treatment, a big contributor to premature ageing and irregular pigmentation.

£65 – 1 hour 30 mins


An optional deep exfoliation which can be added to any facial treatment, helping to improve the uptake of products during your facial. A highly active Glycolic Facial Peel, formulated with alpha hydroxy acids, renews the skin at the deepest level before an advanced neutralising mask is applied, providing an immediate soothing action and detoxifying the skin’s surface. The surface of the skin is immediately improved, wrinkles and irregularities are faded, open pores are minimized and congestion reduced.

£15 – 15 mins (add on to any facial)

The Timexpert Line is a truly innovative and powerful anti-ageing line that helps the skin to recover it’s youthfulness. Using the latest technology, Germaine de Capuccini offers very specific therapies providing visible instant results.


A superb lifting and firming treatment for the face and neck. This facial helps to restore the skin’s plumpness through intense hydration, reducing the appearance of lines and providing a noticeable and immediate lifting effect. Its powerful key ingredient is drawn from ‘Kombucha’, a plant renowned for it’s ability to add volume to skin losing it’s tone. Highly recommended for any person who is concerned with the ageing effects on their skin over time.

£80 – 1 hour 30 mins



This facial specifically targets lines and wrinkles. Containing ‘Micro-Dermoxine Complex’, an exclusive combination of peptides with a powerful anti-wrinkle effect that neutralises facial micro-tensions, and provides collagen micro-fragments that fill in the wrinkles with immediate results. A natural, safe and effective alternative to Botox and Fillers.

£80 – 1 hour 30 mins



This gentle yet extremely effective peel will give skin a smoother, firmer and more rejuvenated appearance. Bionic and Ferulic Acid along with Retinol works to heal and renew the skin, boost collagen and elastin production and neutralise the action of free radicals. Ideal for unifying sun damaged/pigmented skin, eliminating fine lines and improving deep wrinkles and giving luminosity. This stand-alone is not available to add on to any other facial. Suitable for sensitive skin types (not Rosacea suffers)

£45 – 45 minutes

For best results we recommend a course of 4 treatments over 4 weeks (1 a week) – £160