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Introducing ANOTHER new treatment…!

The Baobab Ritual…


Here at The Beauty Room we’re excited to introduce another new treatment –  the easy way to achieve smooth, hydrated skin that is firmer, more supple and deeply nourished. Combining an all over body exfoliation with an optional application of an easily absorbed nourishing ‘dry’ oil, The Baobab Ritual is guaranteed to leave your skin deliciously soft!

This fantastic new treatment uses products from one of our favourite ranges, ‘Phytocare’.  The Tonic Oil Scrub and the Firm and Tonic Oil  are packed full of Baobab Seed Oil, a little known but fantastically effective ethically sourced natural product which contains proteins, vitamins and minerals to nourish and promote cell growth, along with Omega 3, 6 and 9 to aid skin condition and elasticity.

Your ritual begins with a body exfoliation using our Tonic Oil Scrub which contains Baobab seed shells to gently renew the skin while you relax on our heated couch. You won’t even need to move to shower the scrub off as we use warm, dry mitts to remove the residue! For those of you with dry skin (and whose isn’t at this time of year?!), why not include an application of the Firm and Tonic Oil to really give your skin an extra ‘drink’?  Our finishing touch of Phytocare Dreamy Legs innovative product is applied to the lower legs. With a refreshing sensation this gel containing zingiber, lemon and mint helps to tone the skin whilst improving circulation and gives a feeling of refreshing, tingling ‘lightness’, making this treatment perfect for clients who spend a lot of time on their feet, or suffer from heavy legs and fluid retention.

The Baobab Ritual is ideal for all clients and skin types, and the products are particularly fabulous during pregnancy to help with puffy ankles and heavy legs, and to maintain skin suppleness, minimising the risk of stretch marks.

And you will be happy to know that all of these products are available to purchase so that you can continue to keep your skin in tip top condition at home!

Baobab treatment options include:

Scrub only – £30 (30 minutes)

Scrub with application of oil – £50 (1 hour)


INTRODUCING… The First eye cream to LIFT and RESTRUCTURE the eye lids, including the top of the eyelids…



Germaine de Capuccini are at the forefront of discovering new ingredients to increase the effectiveness of their products. The NEW Lift(IN) Supreme Definition Eye Cream contains an exclusive ingredient called Blefaroplex. This complex of botantical ingredients has two key functions:

  • Increases collagen and elastin production deep within the skin (dermis) to rebuild its structure (most eye creams only work on epidermal/superficial layers of the skin)
  • The proteins within increase the skin’s resistance to glycation – the process that causes collagen to degenerate.

Key ingredients also include Chromo Correcting Pigments so dark circles are neutralised and Alpha Gel Technology, which provides a ‘second skin’ thus protecting the delicate eye area from the adverse effects of environmental pollution.

RRP: £58.50


The NEW AND IMPROVED Timexpert Lift(IN) products…

lift(IN) image

Accompanying the revolutionary new Lift Facial (coming in May), the Lift products have been given a face lift of their own! Containing V-Matrix Complex, which works at the root of the problem to rebuild the mesh that structures the dermis and thus defines the facial contours, and Calcium and Glucose, which stimulate Hyaluronic Acid production to maintain hydration.

Timexpert Lift(IN) emulates the effects of surgical lifting, to lift, firm, tighten and redefine facial contours.

Suitable from the age of 30+. Research has shown that flaccidity occurs in the deeper layers of the skin 10 years before this becomes visible. Lift(IN) cam be used to correct and slow down the signs of ageing.


VitC Single-sheet-Mask-1

Our first tissue mask for home use. Its innovative formula uses a unique combination of Vitamin C and Ume extract, to work against the effects of glycation (which causes the skin to lose firmness and radiance) whilst providing instant vitality, radiance and firmness.

Tissue masks hold the product on the surface of the skin for longer allowing better penetration of active ingredients. This provides much more powerful and visible results – closer to what you would achieve from a professional treatment.

Suited to: dark spots and pigmentation, dry skin, dull and devitalised skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Preventative anti-ageing, sensitive skin.

RRP: £11 (one unit)



If the law of gravity is exerting its power on your upper arms and you dread exposing them, this innovative and effective treatment will help you feel confident in your sleeveless tops.

Formulated with a duo of exceptional ingredients – Organic Silicon, which stimulates collagen and elastin production and improves the skin’s texture and elasticity, and Plankton which imitates the effects of physical exercise to remodel and firm the contour of the arms.

Using our amazing Efficy machine for maximum results, this relaxing 60 minute treatment combined with daily resistance exercise is the answer to all your prayers!

A course of 10 is recommended.

£70 single treatment

£630 course of 10 (to be paid for in full before or at the time of the first treatment)

We recommend using the ‘Up and Tone Arms’ homecare cream morning and night. This lovely lightweight product has a refreshing fragrance and works as a ‘reinforcement’ on the flaccidity of the inner arm. £56.90